LeGOO: LeGOO: An Expertized Knowledge Database For The Model Legume Medicago truncatula.
MtExpress: Comprehensive and Curated RNAseq-based Gene Expression Atlas for the Model Legume Medicago truncatula.
MtrunR108_HiC: Delineating the Tnt1 Insertion Landscape of the Model Legume Medicago truncatula cv. R108 at the Hi-C Resolution Using a Chromosome-Length Genome Assembly.
MtSSPdb: hosts large-scale genomics and transcriptomics data in M. truncatula and provides multiple functions to search, analyze and visualize different datasets.
Web Portal
INRA MtrunA17r5.0-ANR: Medicago truncatula A17 r5.0 genome portal.
Alfalfa Breeder's Toolbox: The Alfalfa Breeder's Toolbox aims to provide convenient access to alfalfa genomic, genetic and phenotypic datasets.