Medicago Analysis Portal

The Medicago Analysis Portal provides genomic, genetic mapping, diversity, and pan-genomic resources for alfalfa (Medicago sativa), M. truncatula, and other taxa of interest in the Medicago genus. The Portal provides essentially all the functionality previously found in the original Medicago truncatula Hapmap and the Alfalfa Breeders Toolbox. These sites are now integrated into the Medicago zone within Legume Information System (LIS), which includes the Legume Federation Data Store, MedicMine, and the Genome Context Viewer.

Tools - Genome Browsers, Intermine and BLAST services

Download - Browse and download Medicago data sets from the LIS Data Store.

Funding and Development

The original Medicago Hapmap was created at the Univesity of Minnesota with funding from the NSF. The Alfalfa Breeders Toolbox was originally created at the Noble Foundation. Both sites, now integrated into the Medicago Analysis Portal, are maintained and developed by the National Center for Genome Resources (NCGR) with funding from the USDA and LIS.


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